About Us

Our Story

The company was formed by Luke Skelding in 2009 under the name of Koje Solutions. Originally intended as a vehicle for completing web-development freelance and contract work; it soon became apparent that the company would be much more than that.

Focus quickly changed to servicing a healthy base of our own clients, all whilst still offering a white-label service to larger agencies. This involved completing projects for the likes of Morrisons, Mercedes-Benz and the NHS.

The core of our work switched over to developing more business systems and mobile applications. In doing so, we developed strong relationships with regular clients which changed our work from one-off projects to frequent smaller sprints. This agile approach provides our clients with the flexibility to constantly adapt and get the most of their resources.

In 2018 around our 9th birthday the company was re-launched with a new identity, raise.digital. The new brand represents a contemporary image which much better suits who we are.

We've now been working for over 10 years and as we look to the next decade we're looking to expand further; involving new colleagues and clients on our journey.

A bit of history
The company is formed

Koje Solutions Ltd. was founded in August 2009. Initially working from a home office in Wakefield and later Huddersfield.

Started mobile-app development

As the mobile development technologies matured we started offering this service to clients, primarily producing native applications.

Moved to Hope Park (Part I)

In December 2014 we moved to Hope Park Business Centre on the edge of Bradford.

Became SilverStripe specialists

Some specific projects prompted us to become one of only a handful of companies in Northern England with extensive experience using it.


Koje Solutions becomes raise.digital. We're still nostalgic about the old identity but it's now resigned to history.

Moved to Hope Park (Part II)

When the opportunity arose to switch to the new Hope Park Business Centre we made the move.